Shades Valley has a strong passion and commitment to missions. Our calling to be willing hands to serve God and serve others across the world continues to expand in reach and impact.

This church amazes me by it's commitment to sharing life and the Gospel across the globe. Our mission of being willing hands of God continues to inspire and motivate us to do more. LEANNE REED / PASTOR

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The church is actively involved in many strategic world mission initiatives. We encourage everyone to prayerfully consider their role in a world mission project. We're here to discuss mission opportunities with you and insure you find your place to serve others across the world 

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  • Mission: Congo

    Shades Valley is passionate our mission work in Congo, Africa. The Democratic Republic of Congo, a country roughly one quarter the size of the United States, has been ravaged by conflict. After two civil wars the country is left with a devastated infrastructure and economy. People throughout the country struggle daily for survival. Despite these circumstances, the church in the DRC continues to faithfully bear witness to Christ’s good news through their many ministries.

  • Thru New Year's Building Schools in Congo

    We are honored to support the work of our partners in the Presbyterian Community of Congo (CPC). The CPC has 702 primary and secondary schools in Congo, and one of its major goals is to improve infrastructure for schools. In typical rural schools, children sit on dirt floors under thatched roofs, with no desks or supplies. CPC is working toward having all schools built of durable materials: brick walls, metal roofs, cement floors and septic-connected latrines. In partnership with other Presbyterian churches in our area, we are seeking to fund school construction. The first school we supported in Bupole is now complete; we are currently working toward a second school in Baolongo.

  • Supporting Missionaries in Congo

    Dr. John Fletcher and Gwenda Fletcher John is a surgical consultant to the eight hospitals supported by the Presbyterian Community of Congo (CPC). He works with the hospitals’ staffs to improve their surgical knowledge, skills, judgment and techniques. Gwenda serves the CPC as an education consultant. She assists the CPC’s Education Department in its efforts to enhance the quality of education in the church’s 702 elementary and secondary schools. In a partnership that values mutual learning and teaching as well as giving and receiving, the Fletchers and their Congolese colleagues work together to help the people of Congo experience the abundant life Jesus promises.